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Jeralee here and I am so happy that our paths are finally crossing! It takes a conscious decision to decide that you want to be the absolute best version of your self, and that you are ready to take the step to better. I can't even express in words how overjoyed I am to be able to walk the journey alongside you, being a partner for support, motivation, information and a friend. 

I am so excited to see to see the milestones that we have the ability to achieve together!  We only have one body, one mind and one life - we need to make sure we are setting ourselves up to be the

absolute healthiest versions we can

possibly be!


Trial Packs are a great way to get started if you are looking to try a sample of the different flavours and products! Many of my kits include Mitoplex electrolytes along with ketones so you can try a variety! I package and ship all these special packages out to you from my home created just for you!

There are options for both charged (caffeinated) as well as caffeine - free, so ensure that you are choosing the option that is best suited for you! 

The most popular option is 

the 20 serving challenge

pack! It's a mix of charged

and caffeine free and a 

variety of flavours.

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