Before we get all formally introduced, I just want to tell you again how happy I am you are here!

There is genuinely nothing I love more than building a community, creating friendships and supporting goals wherever and whenever I can.

So you may be wondering, who am I! Well.. good question!  I'm a mid- thirties, small town raised, country music loving, traveling feign, who loves technology and who also happens to have epilepsy.  Though it can be an up and down battle, this warrior fights the good fight everyday to ensure that I am aging in the best way possible, and helping others do the same!


As a person living with epilepsy, I've found myself struggling internally with many things throughout my life. Whether it was weight (medications can be rough), or brain fog, lack of energy, or incoherent thoughts, I simply always felt that there was always something that was holding me back.

The first few careers I had were in the food industry, and though I enjoyed these opportunities greatly, let's just say they weren't the most kind on my waistline! At my heaviest, I weighed about 165 lbs, and on a small frame, I was not feeling great about it.  I transitioned out of the food industry into the tech world in 2006, allowed me to steer away from being surrounded by unhealthy foods, though was still in a place where I was neither active enough, nor was my epilepsy controlled enough to be the best version of me that I wanted to me. 

IMG_5837-2 cropped.JPG

Fast forwarding several years (...otherwise you will be here forever), I began a ketogenic lifestyle in 2019, and within only a few months I could already see a dramatic shift in myself. Sticking with this new lifestyle allowed me to grow and develop into a person that was much more confident than I had ever been.  As on now, I am down to 125 lbs and feeling better then I have in longer than I can remember.

Last year I was introduced to a new product that has again been game changing for me, and my lifestyle! I was introduced to Pruvit Ketones, which after only incorporating the ketones into my routine for a month, was able to notice that even though still on my medications for epilepsy, my energy levels, my mood, my focus and my mental clarity had skyrocketed in the best way possible! I was finally  feeling that my cognitive brain health was catching up to where it was supposed to be and I can can't describe in words the life changing possibilities that brain and cognitive health can provide. 

It was a no brainer to me, that the success I had seen, felt, and lived through was something that I wished to share with the world. 

It's only forward from here! I can't wait to support you on your journey, and to see the confidence in you rise to a level you never thought possible! Let's do this!